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one off treatments

Our one stop off service to get your lawn on the right track. With decades of experience working on large scale projects such as golf courses and domestic gardens we can carry out a one off treatment for you, from weed, feed or moss control or perhaps to carry out a one off scarification or Aeration. If you don’t want to commit to a long term maintenance package then this is the one for you.

The Lawn Doc six-phase service includes feed to ensure that your lawn is getting the right nutrients, aeration to aid air circulation, scarification to remove excess materials and let your lawn breath, moss control and pest removal. These six steps are achieved in a one-day process, but additional services can be provided depending on your needs.

Seasonal package

Our Seasonal package will ensure that your lawn is treated for all seasons of the year and prepared for all the challenges your lawn may face over the year.
This package is based around the chemical side of the lawn care program without using the heavy equipment. As soon as you first make that call, Lawn Doc will assess the area and present a diagnosis. We’ll then provide a tailor-made solution no matter what the season and get to work on your lawn treatment. Our spring treatments will bring your lawn out of hibernation and prepare it for the warm months ahead. While out summer treatment will ensure that disease and drought don’t affect its luscious green look.

Moving into Autumn we’ll prepare your lawn for the harsh weather ahead. Finally our Winter treatment will make sure your lawn is full of nutrients during the cold months and eliminate the spread of moss and lawn diseases which is challenge during the winter season. Our professional team of experts work tirelessly throughout the year, in whatever weathers, to bring out the best in your lawn. With the correct knowledge, techniques & advice.

Premium package

In addition to our Seasonal package which brings you the must have service to treat your lawn
and make it flourish, Lawn Doc also provide a Premium package. To ensure that your lawn is future-proofed for the colder seasons the added Spring & Autumn scarification and Spring Solid tine & Autumn hollow tine treatments supply an added layer of lawn care. It’s known in the gardening world that the scarification process is best delivered in the Spring & Autumn months, this is because your lawn is warm and full of moisture which provides the perfect conditions for recovery.

Therefore our Spring & Autumn scarification treatment are a welcome addition for customers looking to have a long-lasting lawn that looks luscious. The Hollow Tine process in particular, drives metal tubes into the soil surface and removes some of the compacted soil which allows it to breath more and relieve any compaction which promote growth from the roots.


Spring treatments

Just as the English weather springs into action with sunshine, homeowners are keen to ensure their gardens are ready for the months ahead. It’s a popular time for new customers and Lawn Doc are ready to assess your garden and provide a bespoke diagnosis to kick start your lawn makeover. After the cold snap of winter your lawn will in no doubt be in need of some TLC. Our experts will be able to identifying any damage or diseases and apply a slow release fertiliser that will nurture growth and benefit your lawn until our next visit. We will also apply a weed killer most appropriate for your lawn.

Summer treatments

It’s no surprise that we spend most of our time in the garden during the summer months. Therefore you’ll want a lawn that looks its best. The spring treatment will have been a great foundation for this and now it’s time to maintain a lawn that is thick, green and luscious. It’s also one of the seasons where challenges can arise with common diseases and the high chance of drought.

If your garden is particularly dry then we can carry out a soil diagnosis to identify what products and techniques will help maintain a healthy lawn.

Autumn treatments

A vital seasons to ensure that your lawn is prepared for the harsh conditions ahead, Lawn Doc will apply a treatment to strengthen the roots so that it remains healthy during the winter. Autumn is also a prime time for moss growth, so the sooner we control this the better. Plus there may be some development in diseases throughout this season. We will apply nutrients that benefit the roots to maintain a sought after green lawn.

Winter treatments

It’s cold outside, Christmas is on its way and our gardens are probably the last thing on our minds. Winter however is one of the most important seasons of the year to treat lawns. From less light available to potential drainage issues and of course the cold weather, our gardens will be in need of extra care. Moss thrives in this weather and Lawn Doc can prevent the spread of it to your lawn with a bespoke fertiliser.