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The customer contacted us as they wished us to complete a large project; both their front and back garden needed work.

They wanted the front garden to be totally renovated and end up with a beautiful lawn. The front had a cherry tree which had been cut down, but a large root remained and there were many rocks, weeds, and patchy ground which we dug out and leveled out.

Lawn Doc

We leveled out the ground, rolled the surface and seeded the area. These are the results:

Lawn Doc

The back garden was a much larger task; the ground was very uneven with trip holes and trenches, it was difficult to mow and dangerous to walk on.

Lawn Doc

We had to carry out extensive renovation works to the rear lawn where we also filled all the trench holes and trip lines with high quality topsoil. We then seeded the lawn and went over the ground with a large ride on roller which allowed us to level off the small undulations in the earth. This will of course cause a little compaction but this will be addressed in the spring when we plan on carrying out a hollow tine aeration.

Lawn Doc

Some weeks later, as you can see that both the front and back gardens are seeding, and a beautiful lawn is starting to come through for both. We are of course regularly visiting to keep an eye on it as it develops, and carrying out overseeding when the conditions are right and the customer is committed to a maintenance package to keep the lawn in top shape.