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The customer called us following the removal of conifer trees from their front garden as they had been casting a large shadow over the entire lawn and they wanted more light. Although the tree surgeons had done a good job, the lawn now needed some care and attention to thrive again.

Lawn Doc

The lawn was covered in roots, woodchips and debris, this was quickly removed from site. There was also quite a large area of mycelium, this is a white waxy substance which causes fungi, mushrooms and fairy rings. We cleared all of this to eradicate the problem going forward.  We then prepared the ground ready for re-turfing which included rotorvating, grading, rolling and a final level.

Lawn Doc

We then re-turfed the front lawn with high quality turf to ensure a great result.

Lawn Doc

The customer has now invested in our seasonal treatment package to keep the lawn in good order. This consists of 4 to 5 visits a year depending on the lenth of the growing season where we apply 8-10 week slow release fertiliser, and apply moss and weed control. This customer is delighted with the result and remains a loyal customer.