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Why is Lawn Scarification Essential and Beneficial?

Lawn scarification is the process of removing thatch from your lawn. It also vertically cuts the grass to stop sideways growth. It digs into the grass roots of your garden and assists with removing moss ahead of the application of other procedures to ensure your lawn is looking pristine at any time of the year.

Unlike lawn raking, which only removes surface thatch, the scarification process involves using heavy-duty blades to cut into the grass roots. This helps prevent your lawn from becoming overrun with moss and thatch. We recommend scarifying your lawn during Spring and Autumn to ensure your garden looks great throughout the Summer months. Whether you have a large or small lawn, this process offers several advantages.

  • Helps your lawn absorb vital nutrients such as water, fertiliser and oxygen
  • Removes organic matter such as thatch or moss
  • Prevents unsuccessful grass growth by tidying any straggly lateral growth
  • Eliminates future issues such as the build up of debris
  • Stops lawn from becoming mossy and spongy
  • The powered machine makes the process quick and simple
  • An important step to take before other procedures including top dressing, overseeding and applying fertiliser
  • Carried out by our professional team out-of-season so that it’ll look its best when you want to impress
  • You’ll notice the healing process and great results in no time!

Our qualified and professional team at Lawn Doc provide the complete lawn care package. With scarification we recommend that you continue to mow your lawn before and after the procedure. The process itself can produce a large amount of unwanted thatch which can be gathered and cleared off the lawn.


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