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Why is lawn aeration essential and beneficial?

Aeration is the process of penetrating your lawn with thin but long holes to help with its circulation so that essential air, water and nutrients can get in easily. Applied to cool season grasses when soil is moist the spike aerator is an essential part of your lawn care procedure to ensure it’s looking its best by early spring/early summer ahead of warm season grasses which look luscious and healthy.

The aeration equipment helps in removing plugs of soil around 1000 – 1500mm in length to release soil compaction and reduce lawn thatch. The aeration machine operated by our professional team can be used on all kinds of lawns, including grass which features clay soil. Relieving compaction helps with root growth.

  • It is a vital process for a healthy-looking lawn
  • Allows air, water and other nutrients to enter built-up grass and lawn thatch with ease
  • Gives your lawn chance to breathe - it releases stale carbon dioxide whilst letting fresh oxygen in
  • Breaks through the barriers to lawn growth by stopping your lawn from becoming compact - a leading cause of moss
  • It is a process that is key in Autumn as the grass roots require more water and air in the hotter months and the weather is dry
  • If your grass has turned brown, aerating will revive it back to its regular green life in weeks
  • Our powered lawn aeration machine makes the process quick and is carried out by our professional team
  • Results last for months after the spike aerator treatment has been carried out
  • Once the procedure has taken place, we can then move onto applying fertiliser and top dressing
  • If not carried out, your lawn might suffer from sealing as walking over the grass repeatedly can lead to soil compaction

A procedure which can be actioned on small and large lawns alike, our expert team will be able to assess the best time to aerate your garden for optimum opportunities for water and nutrients to get into the roots.


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